Vincenco Truppa

New Accusations in the Vincenzo Truppa Case

The case of dressage judge and horse owner Vincenzo Truppa had been closed. Last year he was accused for breach of contract by the Italian Equestrian federation since he had sold Eremo del Castegno, the horse of his daughter Valentina, to Brazil Dr. Jorge de la Rocha even though the horse was bound to the federation until the Olympic Games in Rio. Truppa was declared guilty and removed by his posts. He also lost the appeal proceedings but reached an out-of-court settlement with the federation.
Now Dr. Jorge Ferreira da Rocha spoke to regarding the sale of the horse. The buyer of Valentina Truppa’s former top horse said that the gelding had been sold to him as having never been lame while Truppa told the federation that the horse was no longer fit for competitive purposes and had therefore been sold. Dr. Jorge Ferreira da rocha, who had dreamed of attending the Olympic Games in his home country with the horse, said he did not want to sue Truppa but he wanted to supply the media with the documentation of Truppa’s claims. Truppa, so the buyer said, had not lied to h is federation – the horse really had health limitations. His dream therefore had shattered and regarding the whole ordeal he could not understand that Truppa was still listed as an official FEI judge.
Meanwhile Vincenzo Truppa has taken a stand on the issue. He assumed that there were a misunderstanding since he and the buyer never had met, so the St. Georg reported.