Billy Twomey & Diaghilev

Deutsches Spring-Derby: After 19 Years a Foreigner Wins

The Hamburg Spring-Derby with his unbelievable difficult course and exciting rounds is one of the highlights of every season. Even though horses and riders seem to be prepared better and better every year a clear round always happens to some extent due to luck. This year none of the riders stayed clear. Instead there was a mega jump off with 9 pairs – the Derby hasn’t seen such a jump off yet.
In the end Billy Twomey was the first foreign rider to win the Derby after 19 years. He and his hourse Diaghilev delivered a courageous performance in the still long jump off course (they needed 49,96 seconds), which put their competitors under pressure. Second place went to Nigel Coupe (GBR) with Golvers Hill, third place went to Andre Thieme (GER) with Voigtsdorfs Quonschbob. The best female rider was Janne Friederike Meyer, she finished with Cellagon Anna in fourth place.
“Of course I’m thrilled to have won. Diaghilev is a great horse, he has won many Grand Prix and he also performed well in the Derby at Hickstead,” Billy Twomey said, pleased, about this horse that is not one of the typical Derby specialists. “If one has a look at the list of winners of this competition I’m very happy that now my name will be part of that list of legendary show jumpers.”
The Hamburg Derby was also very successful from the organiser’s perspective. About 91,000 visitors came to Klein-Flottbeck, with the best weather conditions. That’s a new record.