Mercedes CSI Zurich Discontinued after 2018

One of the nicest indoor events in the world will not be around for much longer: The Mercedes CSI in Zurich will take place for the last time from January, 26th to January 28th 2018. The event will end with an anniversary; the five-star event who is appreciated for its special atmosphere will take place for the 30th time in 2018. The reasons for discontinuing the event is, according to the hosts, are the worsening overall conditions and the ever-growing limitation of infrastructure in Zurich.
“30 years ago we created the CSI Zurich in order to take the equestrian sport from the rural areas to the city. We presented high profile sports events in an attractive and entertaining way and have provided each event with a show in order to gain a bigger audience for the equestrian sport. Today we can say that we have reached our goals and that it is nice to see that many of our ideas now have become an addition to many other events. For us, the 30-year anniversary is the right time to bring the era of top show-jumping in Zurich to a close,” Urs Teiler, co-president of the Mercedes- Benz CSI said, who initiated the event together with his brother Rolf.