Maurice Tebbel & Chacco's Son

Maurice Tebbel: “I didn’t imagine my performance this way”

The first qualification for the show-jumpers in Gothenburg is currently on its way, the time competitions and it seems that the competition already is challenging the pairs. The strong solar radiation, the shadows before the fences and the blinding light makes problems. There already were some unattractive scenes. Maurice Tebbel, the first German rider to compete and 10-year-old Westphalian stallion Chacco’s Son by Chacco-Blue-Lancer finished with two fences down. One mistake happened at the sixth fence, an oxer, and the other at the water jump. Tebbel was disappointed: “He lost a shoe and became extremely insecure. I don’t know where he lost it. Maybe at the water, or at the oxer before the water. The mistakes were untypical. I never expected us to make a mistake at the oxer from the right turn, normally he doesn’t have problems with something like that and he never had a mistake at the water before. I didn’t imagine my performance this way.” The 23-year-old rider thinks it is unfortunate that the competition started so early, at 8.45. “I don’t understand why they did it. There is so much time. The shadows are a big disadvantage. There have been so many unattractive scenes. For the horses, the combination is really hard to asses. Now we have to hold our breath for the three others. Of course I’m a bit annoyed and disappointed!”