Maurice Tebbel

Maurice Tebbel: “First and Foremost Survive Aachen”

Both are 23 years old and the high achievers of the season: Maurice Tebbel and Laura Klaphake. German national coach Otto Becker has both nominated for the Nations Cup in Aachen and Tebbel from Emsbüren has made it into the team. He will compete this evening in the Aachener Soers with Chacco’s Son. It is a major step for the rider in his second senior season. Tebbel said in Aachen that he first was really happy when the national coach called him but that his second thought was: “Oh, you have to ride into the full arena.” Rene Tebbel’s son does not really know it exactly but thinks that he has been at European Championships about eight times. But Aachen really is something different. “I wouldn’t have dreamed it,” he admitted. But the 10-year-old stallion he will ride this evening provides reassurance. “The arena does not matter to him, he is very self-confident,” Tebel said. However, that was not always the case. Previously the horse had been shy and easily spooked. But then some day it changed rapidly.
Tebbel also said that it was difficult to keep such a horse these days. After La Baule, where the Westphalian horse finished the Nations Cup rounds with one and four penalty points there had been many inquiries. “I have to give a heartfelt thanks to my father for keeping the horse. I hope he will remain steadfast,” the German rider said. Tonight the market value of the Chacco Blue son could increase further. “Or nobody will want him any more,” Tebbel joked. As yet they had not spoken about a “pain threshold”. He also said that this great season was one reason more for keeping the horse. “If there are six ore eight riders before you then there might be a weak moment.”
Horse trade is the business of Paul Schockemöhle. No one has a bigger horse breeding business than the businessman from Mühlen. Both of Laura Klaphake’s horses are owned by him: Catch me if you can and Silverstone are only 9 years old and are supposed to be developed gently. Therefore she was not Otto Becker’s first choice for the Nations Cup. Laura Klaphake, a real estate student, hopes that her horses will stay with her “Currently they are not to be sold,” the 23-year-old rider said. While Maurice Tebbel wants to make horses his career the German champion has another dream despite her talent: “I would like to work half a day and ride half a day. Do something normal besides riding horses.” It is an unusual plan for someone whose father is the right hand of Paul Schockemöhle and whose mother already rode at the European Championships. But a sensible plan. And this evening the young woman with the positive aura has another plan: she will be the mental support for the others and cheer them on. She is not disappointed that she has not been made part of the team.