Matthias Bouten & Dante Delux MJ

Matthias Bouten Meggle’s New Head Rider

After it became known that Hendrik Lochthowe and Meggle would part ways it was unclear who was to be the successor in the stable in Wasserburg. Now, so announced that Matthias Bouten is the one to take over. He will move south and start his new job on May 1st. Matthias Bouten became known when he was a rider at Isabell Werth’s stable. Then he went to Baumgurtel’s Freiberger Hof as a coach and started his own business in 2014. As yet he and his partner Vicent Arroyo were based in Sonsbeck. Now the dressage rider was made an offer by Toni and Marina Meggle – and he and his partner will move to the south.
Bouten told that this was a big step since his own stable was going well. However, he had the feeling this was a great opportunity he should not miss out on. This was his chance to further his international career with better horses.