Mario Stevens & El Bandiata

Mario Stevens Wins Second Derby Qualification

Mario Stevens (GER) and El Bandiata were able to win the second qualification for the German Derby ahead of British William Whitaker with Glenavadra Brilliant and Nigel  Coupe with Golvers Hill. The winner, however, will not be taking part in the Derby on Sunday – he dispensed with the start with regard to the horse’s welfare and plans for further competitions. The British don’t want to miss the hardest course in the world. William Whitaker was full of praise for his Irish sport horse Glenavadra Brilliant, who was discovered by his uncle Michael: “He has many good qualities, great jumping ability, is well-behaved and careful. Michael found him four years ago and he already said that he is suitable for the Derby.”
The second qualification went rather badly for some favourites: Carsten-Otto Nagel’s Lex Lugar refused at the wall, stepped back and then slided down sideways. Hilmar Meyer, winner of the first qualification was disqualified as well as the leading rider of the DKB riders Tour, Philipp Weishaupt.