Ludger Beerbaum & Chiara

Mannheim: Ludger Beerbaum Wore the Right Trousers

Even though Ludger Beerbaum had two clear rounds in the Nations Cup the day before with Chiara, it was only on Sunday that he was really content: now he did not finish in third, but in first place. Beerbaum won the Grand Prix of Mannheim which is worth 300,000 Euros and brought him a bonus of 99,000 Euro. “It’s a matter close to my heart to say thank you for this extra edition in Mannheim. By no means it can be taken for granted to be renumerated with such a princely sum. ” Next to the usual Maimarkt event, this year host Peter Hofmann also brought the Nations Cup to Mannheim – it was the 100th Nations Cup in Germany. In order to make the Nations Cup, which does not count for the FEI series, more attractive, the prize money was a stately sum keeping pace with the prize money of the Global Tour in Chantilly. Ludger Beerbaum took the lion’s share. “I wore the right trousers today,” the German show jumper stated. “It was the best jump-off I ever had with Chiara.”
Second place went to Beezie Madden with Cortes C, who had ensured the American victory in the Nations Cup the day before. Momentarily she thought about not taking part in the competition since a thunderstorm interrupted the event for about an hour. “I had my doubts,” so the US amazone said. “However, the ground was as if it hadn’t been raining at all, that was fantastic.” Third place went to Katharina Offel (UKR) with 11-year old chestnut stallion Zipper, it was their third competition together. “I am a little bit proud to be sitting next to Ludger and Beezie today,” Offel said pleased.