Ludo Philippaerts Will be Compensated

The criminal court of Antwerp has decided that Belgian show jumper Ludwo Philppaerts and the stud farm Dorperheide will be compensated for their loss in a fraud case. The case: The horse Amaretto d’Arco was owned by the stud farms Dorperheide and Arenberg. The horse was stabled at the stud farm Arenberg and was sold in 2008 – without Philippaert’s knowledge. When the owner of Dorperheide approached the co-owners they told him they had sold the horse to Spy Coast (U.S.), for 500,000 Euro. They promised Philippaerts half the amount. Later Philippaerts found out that the horse had been sold for 1.45m Euro. Now Philippaerts will get 725,000 Euro and the owners of Stud Arenberg were sentenced to 15 months imprisonment and a 2,750 Euro fine.