Longlist of the Ukrainian Team Gets Shorter

After it became known that Paul Schockem√∂hle bought 44 horses from Alexander Onischenko, some of their names have become known. Therefore the long list of the Ukraine has become shorter since the horses now are owned by a German and therefore are no long eligible to compete for the Ukraine in Rio. Among the horses from the list is Calcourt Falklund, one of Onischenko’s personal rides. Furthermore Air Chin Z, Dinero de Laubry, Gabbiano, Quickdiamond and Forlap, who all were on the long list now are owned by Schockem√∂hle.
However, the Ukrainians are still able to build a team with the horses of Cassio Rivetti, Rene Tebbel, Ulrich Kirchhoff and Ferenc Szentirmai. Some horses have changed owners, but still are owned by Ukrainians.