Lars Bak Andersen & Carrasco

Lars Bak Andersen Wins with his Pupil’s Horse

Danish Lars Bak Andersen was twice as happy after his victory in the championship in Donaueschingen:¬†First he was able to win against his long-standing rival Gert-Jan Bruggink (NED), and second he did so with 10-year-old Caretino descendant Carrasco, whom he has only been riding for six weeks now. His pupil bought the horse but then broke a leg and so Andersen took over in order to keep the horse fit. And that worked out really well. “He was in very good shape,” the Danish rider said. Second place went to quick Dutch Gert-Jan Bruggink with only 8-year-old grey horse Casparo.¬†“This is his first event in the big tour,” so Bruggink said. “I thought we could try it since it’s the end of the outdoor season.”
Third place went to Czech Anna Kellnerova with 9-year-old KWPN stallion Classic by Armitage, who also had a debut: he took part in a jump off at three-star level for the first time.