Adelinde Cornelissen

Narrow Victory for Adelinde Cornelissen in Mechelen

Every year just after christmas, the tournament season is in full force in Mechelen, Belgium. The tournament started with the Grand Prix of the World Dressage Masters – and here, Dutch rider Adelinde Cornelissen was able to achieve first place with Jerich Parzival N.O.P.  The longstanding championship pair reached 77,740 percent – however, the decision was not unequivocal. Only two judges saw Cornelissen in first place, two others in third place, and one judge saw her in second place. Second place went to Patrik Kittel with 15-year-old Watermill Scandic. They achieved 77,140 percent. One judge saw them as the winners, the others saw him in second place. Two judges, however, would have liked Dutch Danielle Heijkoop with 15-year-old KWPN gelding Siro N.O.P in top position – but she achieved 75,640 percent and got placed third due to the percentage gap.