Las Vegas Arena

No More World Cup Finals in Las Vegas?

The US equestrian sports media was sure: in 2018, the World Cup finals in dressage and show jumping would take place in Las Vegas again – it just had to happen after this year’s success. However, the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas was an issue for dressage. The arena is simply too small: seven to nine meters are missing. The seven judges that are required simply do not have enough space around the arena, this year some judges already sat directly beneath the stands. Las Vegas still tried to apply for the finals, but the FEI has spoken out against future finals in Las Vegas.  Due to the costs, the managers of the Thomas & Mack Center do not want to expand the arena. That is why the FEI has re-opened the application for the 2018 finals. Sabrina Zeender, FEI secretary general explained that they would have liked to come to Vegas again, but that the arena just does not meet the current standards. However, it seems as if Las Vegas had some other arenas that could be suitable. The options are currently considered. The deadline for applications is October first – a decision is expected for November, 10th. As yet in Las Vegas six World Cup finals in show jumping and four in dressage have taken place.