Baltic Horse Show

No Money no Baltic Horse Show

Everybody knows how difficult it is today to organize an event. At least if it is in Germany and at middle international level. Peter G. Rathmann from the Baltic Horse Show in Kiel now also has to acknowledge that. 27 years ago the businessman  started the event, but now he has to cancel it – and it will not be continued. Economic changes are the reason for the cancellation. “We in Kiel experienced what every organizer of a show has been experiencing over the last years: it is difficult to find sponsors for the equestrian sport,” Rathmann said. “We tried to counter this development with great energy and engagement. But if there are no positive prospects then you have to be a businessman and put an end to the situation.”
Next year the Sparkassen-Arena Kiel is to be converted into a hotel complex which would make accommodation for the horses and the parking situation even worse. And the biggest factor is that it is currently very difficult to get sponsors in Germany which means lower prize money. Therefore the best riders rather attend the big events abroad.
Peter Rathmann says: “´’We have to say goodbye with a melancholy feeling”