Conflict in Sweden over Söderstrand’s Departure as Chef d’Équipe

Apparently the “departure” of Swedish Chef d’Équipe Sylve Söderstrand was not only an surprise for outsiders but also for the coach himself. Söderstrand told World of Showjumping that on Saturday evening he and Ulf Brömster from the Swedish Equestrian Federation had a conversation, in which they talked about Söderstrand staying Chef d’Équipe until after the Olympics in Rio. There were some minor points left to be talked through which they wanted to discuss the following week. On Monday evening, however, he was called by Brömster, who then told him that the board had held a meeting and that they had agreed on ending the co-operation as of the 22nd of May.
Söderstrand furthermore said that the press release made it sound as if it was a joint decision, which wasn’t the case. He had promised the riders, the Swedish Olympic committee and the Federation to stay until Rio.
Today, several Swedish riders have voiced their support towards their former Chef d’Équipe. Rolf-Göran Bengtsson told Tidningen Ridsport that they would do as much as they could to keep Söderstrand until the Olympic Games.