Kasprzaks Diagnosis after Hit: Broken Breastbone and Cracked Rips

During the dressage vet check at the European Championships in Aachen on Tuesday, 11th of August, Anna Kasprzak made the unpleasant experience of being kicked by Donnperignon. The Donerhall son had hit the rider in the chest. It became clear soon that Kasprzak had a broken breastbone. However, the brave rider pulled herself together and competed in the Grand Prix and the Special, where she finished in tenth place. She told Ridehesten that she also wanted to start in the Freestyle, but when the list was published it was clear that she would forgo the Freestyle. She was in too much pain and breathing was difficult. At home the dressage rider was x-rayed and was diagnosed with three cracked ribs. Meanwhile the Danish rider does no longer have to take pain medication, but she is not allowed to ride at the moment. Kasprzak hopes to be able to be fit enough to attend the World Cup in Odense in October with Donnperignon.