Julia Krajewski & Samourai du Thot

Julia Krajewski: “More Samba than Quiet Dressage”

Third German rider Julia Krajewski and Samourai du Thot have finished dressage with 44,8 points, a decent championship debut. “I wanted to stay under 45 points, under 40 points would have been a dream,” so Andreas Ostholt’s successor said.¬† In the beginning the pair made a small mistake, two changes came after the driving leg and with high croup, “apart from that he did well with his 10 years.”

The 27-year-old thought the arena to be particularly challenging: “In comparison with this event Aachen is boring. Here the music is really loud. It’s more samba than quiet dressage. And Sam isn’t used to that yet.” Furthermore she said that the 10-year-old French gelding was not a real dressage horse, one always had to work hard in the dressage part. However: they rarely have a result of more than 40 points. But Krajewski also knows: “This won’t become a dressage event here, we all have very rideable and agile horses. We could have a worse starting point.”