Isabell Werth & Bella Rose

Isabell Werth’s Bella Rose Improves and Improves

After a convincing performance in the Grand Prix, Isabell Werth and backcomer Bella rose were able to show their proficience in the Freestyle of the CDI Cappeln. The judges gave the Belissimo daughter 87,000 percent. Werth did not have any serious competition but Bella Rose was supposed to get more routine before the World Equestrian Games in Tryon after a four year break due to an injury – and she showed she is more than capable. In Aachen the chestnut mare had her first Freestyle after the break, and now the second. “Now Bella rose takes over again,” the rider whose Emilio had taken over some parts of Bella Rose’s freestyle in the meantime. Chief judge Dr. Dietrich Plewa confirmed the improving performance of the mare: “She is getting calmer and is increasingly able to show her enormous potential.”
Second place went to British Laura Butler with Rubin al Asad and 76,500 percent, third place to Dutch rider Marlies van Balen and Ben Johnson with 75,200 percent.