Isabell Werth & Bella Rose

Isabell Werth: “I am surprised myself – 81.529 percent“

Once again the German team started first at the dressage contest in Normandy at the decisive day. Isabell Werth and Bella Rose had to catch the early worm and made it: 81.529 percent. ”I am surprised myself“, Werth said being more than happy. “She was that cool. Normally she already speeds up when starting to trot but this time she really remained patient.” During the zig zag the rider from Rheinberg miscounted once (Equipe-Chef Klaus Roeser: “Here mum still has to learn counting.“). She also made a tact mistake but otherwise the couple showed an impressive Grand Prix in the square. “ She really kept track“, says Werth. ”Generally speaking, the gallop tour was great as well and the pirouettes have improved considerably.” Starting first that is something Werth doesn’t consider a highlight, “but today it was an advantage because of the ground. They really managed to fix it well after the rain.

As a result of Isabell Werth’s performance the world champion title has come closer for the team from Germany. But the 45 years old rider remains reserved: „ At the end of the battle the bodies are count.“ In the Special Isabell Werth wants to booster her performance because there is nothing at stake for her. “We want to try to do a mistake-free round but I have nothing to lose anyway. For this reason I can run a higher risk.“

As she has repeatedly taken part in the World Championship Isabell Werth can draw comparisons. “Aachen remains unmatched. But of course, it is something different if all structures are already present. Here it was pretty chaotic at the beginning. However, the same problems occurred in Den Haag and Rome. And with the weather being that bad no one can work a miracle. At least thing are getting better constantly. “

photo: Karl-Heinz Frieler