Isabell Werth & Emilio

Isabell Werth: “My move had to be a strong one”

What a Freestyle in the Aachener Soers full of incredible highlights and performances. In the end, for the fourth time these days, Isabell Werth was victorious. With her Westphalian gelding Emilio by Ehrenpreis/Cacir AA, completely “vindicated” from his piaffe block on Thursday, she started her difficult choreography with a successfull piaffe-pirouette. In the end Werth said: “When I saw the two Americans had received 85 percent I knew my move had to be a strong one.”
That is how we know Isabell Werth.
Second place in the Freestyle went to American Kasey Perry-Glass with Diamod Hit son Goerklintgaards Dublet and 85,205 percent. The expressive Danish gelding already had a good season in 2016 but could not repeat the performance last year and therefore had a longer break. “One always has to believe in one’s horse,” Perry-Glass, a pupil of Debbie McDonald said. “We all have a long journey behind us, but it was worth it. This morning Dublet was a bit tired but he wanted to show everyone that he is one of the best horses in the world.”
Third place went to Laura Graves (85,085 percent) with her a bit tense Verdades, who did not like a TV camera in the Special yesterday but was back today- even if a bit tense. Laura Graves said: “It almost felt like show-jumping this week, but that is one of the challenges in our sport to get our horses to be on our side. And today he showed that he is a star.”
Helen Langehanenberg and Damsey FRH finished an incredible week with fifth place (82,575 percent). The Hanoverian stallion by Dressage Royal seemed a bit tired but still gave everything. And Langehanenberg did not train for the Freestyle because she gave birth to her daughter just four weeks ago and therefore had only expected the Grand Prix and Special of the I-tour. Now she might have the chance to be part of the team for Tryon, but in order to achieve this she will have to prove herself on another event.
Dorothee Schneider and Sammy Davis Jr’s result of 81,295 percent meant place seven, which showed their reliability. The San Remo offspring is a safe bank. Should Schneider hope for Showtime, who sustained an injury while in Aachen, to have a chance for Tryon he will have to prove himself at one other event – just like Weihegold, Cosmo and Bella Rose. “We no longer take horses with us after just one event,” so Monica Theodorescu.
Isabell Werth makes no secret of her preference for Bella Rose for the WEG. “She is a wonderful dancer, could not be more talented,” she said about the chestnut mare. “Emilio is more of a sceptic, which you have to balance. Weihe is the most tranquil horse and I can ask everything of her. She is at home waiting.”
The next weeks should be exciting considering the choice for the World Equestrian Games.