Isabell Werth & Don Johnson

Isabell Werth: He Is 14 Now – There Needs to Be Constancy

After her victory in the Grand Prix of Aachen with Don Johnson FRH, Isabell Werth had a satisfied smile on her face. “Munich gave me a ‘fairy kiss'”, so the German dressage rider said. “Therefore it was important to me that Don Johnson gets some constancy. He always stood in his own way. First I thought that three competitions in a row -Munich, Wiesbaden, and Aachen – might be too much, but as lively as he has been today…” In the morning the several times Olympic Winner decided to go for a ride, but only let the horse go walk – and was glad, since she “then almost fell from the horse.”
“I’m almost sorry for his image,” Werth explained. “He just is something of a lucky bag. Time and again he works himself up and gets distracted. And that throws us five percent up or down sometimes.” The rider from Rheinberg chose little risk in the Grand Prix, especially in the galop she rode defensively when she noticed that there came up tension just before the two-tempi flying changes. So she managed to show a harmonic performance. Tomorrow, Isabell Werth will show Don Johnsohn to the former freestyle music of Hannes. “We can revive it again, ” Werth says, still enthusiastic about the composition.
Isabell Werth also commented on Bella Rose, recent topic of speculation: ” She is not lame any more. Before Wiesbaden she sustained some bruising, next week we will be able to start training again and I hope that she will be back in good form for a performance in Balve.”