International Show Jumping Horse Slaughtered

A cruel and macabre scenario happened on Sunday in Florida. 12-year-old French gelding Phedras de Blondel, brought into the U.S. some days ago after his sale in France, was found dead in a pen of Debbie and Steve Stephens’ farm. According to the legs and parts of the body had been cut off and taken. Steve Stephens,co-designer of the jumping course at the 2008 Olympic Games, immediately reported the slaughter to the police. They think someone gutted the horse for the meat. They also suppose that the criminal knew the farm and chose Phedras since he was a tall and heavy horse. This someone knew how to butcher a horse – he did not behave like a horse ripper. With his former rider Christian Hermon Phedras de Blondel took part in international events up to four-star level.