International personal best for Rath and Totilas

It was the second show for Matthias Rath and Totilas after a two year’s break and already here the couple showed a top performance on the international stage achieving 83,196 percent at the Special. “I guess as far as I can judge that was the best competition we have ever done.” That is what the winner of the Special in Wiesbaden says. “He did the trot with an unbelievable ease. In the walk he could still stretch a little, but at the warm-up he’s already more relaxed.“Now the comeback couple is also allowed to start at the sighting for Aachen and the World Equestrian Games. “We have been training together for two more years now which makes it far more easier than in former times.” And yet, the rider from Hesse has never been afraid yet. “Which bad result could I have reached?“, he asked. “Many people call the years 2011 and 2012 a catastrophy. My results back then were good as well.”

And everybody can see: Horse and rider have become a team and the image both represent is totally different from that two years ago. Forecast: Both will be fighting for the individual medal in Normandie.