Helen Langehanenberg & Damsey FRH

Helen Langehanenberg is Back

“It was great,” said Helen Langehanenberg after her ride with Damsey FRH in the O-tour Grand Prix in Aachen. Only four weeks ago Langehanenberg gave birth to Finja, her second child.  Aachen always had been her dream for a comeback, she said, but in order for this to happen nothing was allowed to go wrong. “When I gave birth to Malin I was eleven days overdue – here this would have made competing in Aachen difficult”.
The baby break did not hurt either the form of the Hanoverian stallion by Dressage Royal/Ritual nor the rider. A strong performance of 77,043 percent without mistakes meant the lead for the German team. Even coach Monica Theodorescu was impressed: “Such a strong performance, incredible,” she said, “I can’t really fathom it not having given birth myself, but it is an enormous physical achievement.”
 The 36-year-old rider said she could not have made it without her team who trained the stallion for her. Even though he had had a belly as big as hers in the end. He did not have the physical fitness he had in February, but he still knew how to do everything. ” The most important part was that he was fresh and enjoyed it and I think we managed well.” When she was informed last week that she would succeed Sönke Rothenberger since Cosmo is injured she said she had gasped first,  but then thought that the competition was one and the same regardless if one competed as an individual rider or as part of the team.