Gerrit Nieberg & Contagio

Grand Prix in Frankfurt: Sure Victory for Gerrit Nieberg

This year’s Grand Prix in Frankfurt was not an easy one: there were only five clear rounds. Frank Rothenberger had put some thought into the course after there had been unpopular gigantic jump-offs in the past. And this time even the jump-off did not come without mistakes: especially the favourites and always fast pairs Gert-Jan Bruggink with Vampire and Felix Haßmann with Cayenne WZ tried to win – but both had a fence down. So Gerrit Nieberg, 24-year-old son of Lars Nieberg had it in his hands. He and Holsteiner stallion Contagio by Colman/Lordanos “only” had to stay clear- and they did it. He kept  his nerves, rode a sovereign course and subsequently achieved the biggest success of his career. 17 years ago it was his father who was the winner in Frankfurt.
Gerrit Nieberg had taken over Contagio’s ride from his brother, after place three in the Grand Prix at Nörten-Hardenberg and place four at the German Championships last year in Balve the horse had been sold to Venezuela. This year he came back. And once again in worked :”With him I never have the feeling that something could be too difficult,” Gerrit Nieberg said. “I always have a good, safe feeling. This has been that way from the beginning and that is something special.”
A day earlier Paul Schockemöhle had already demonstrated foresight and saved some of the stallion’s semen. “He jumps well and has a good mouth.” Father Lars Nieberg told Paul Schockemöhle: “You can pay an extra fee now!” The stallion already has good offspring: for example Holger Wulschner’s Catch Me T or Reed Kessler and Beezie Madden’s Contagious and Con Tagio.