Steward Hansi Wallmeier Has Died

Over the last years he was only seen sparingly although he belonged to the tournament scene for decades: Hansi Wallmeier (GER). Together with his wife Liana, who suddenly died last year, he monitored the warm up areas in the country and never looked away when he saw something others perhaps would not have seen. On three different occasions Johannes Wallmeier, so his actual name, became the talk of the nation. At the 1997 European Championships in Mannheim he saw that Hugo Simon’s E.T. received a shot and brought the case to the FEI. The steward also reported when Rene Tebbel was caught blistering his horse in Stuttgart and in Aachen 1999 he noticed plastic parts in US American McLain Ward’s brushing boots.
In these and various other moments Hansi Wallmeier showed courage not everybody would have had in his position. He was straight forward and of strong character. In 1957, aged 16, the son of a stud farm caretaker began his commercial apprenticeship with the DOKR and took over the lead of the FN agency in 1987. Since 1970 he had been judge and Steward, the highlight were the 2006 World Equestrian Games in Aachen. In 2007, Wallmeier retired after 50 years, but still could be seen working at smaller and bigger events in the country. However, over the last years Hansi fought cancer. His pancreas had to be removed, but this did not prevent him from fighting for order in the warm up areas. Two strokes recently proved to be setbacks for his health. Yesterday, Hansi Wallmeier died in Bielefeld at age 72. With Hansi Wallmeier, the equestrian sport loses an extraordinary personality, who will be remembered not only for his consistent path in his position but especially for his friendly and polite manner.