Helen Langehanenberg & Damsey FRH

Helen Langehanenberg’s Successfull Championship Comeback

In 2014 Helen Langehanenberg was last part of the German championship team. Then her career with Westphalian stallion Damon Hill NRW by Donnerhall-Rubinstein I was over, the stallion went to the owner’s daughter. Every rider knows how hard it is to replace an exceptional horse and to achieve a seamless transition at championship level. Helen Langehanenberg had to experience this. But now she is back again, back in the championship squad, back at the championship, the European Championships in Gothenburg. Not with a young horse, but with 15-year-old Hanoverian stallion Damsey FRH by Dressage Royal-Ritual. The premium stallion of the Hannoveraner saddle stallion testing and winner of the Danish stallion tests in 2006 and 2009 came to Langehanenberg one and a half years ago and has developed since. The finalist of the Nürnberger Burg-Pokal and the Louisdor-Prize who was trained by Steffen Frahm at Jens Meyer’s stallion station now experiences his second spring.
Lanagehanenberg and Damsey FRH finished the Grand Prix with 74,986 percent and was the first German rider to fulfill the expectations and to bring Germany to the lead. “In the summer I did not dare to think about being here,” the rider from Billerbeck said, glad about her comeback. “To take over the ride of a horse of  that age is not always easy but I have to say that I wouldn’t be here if he hadn’t been trained well.”
It was a beautiful round with two muted piaffes and hesitating transitions into passage, but a great walk and canter tour made Langehanenberg smile: “On paper he became one year older in January, but today he feels two years younger. He is robust, strong and full of energy and I think we’re not at the end yet. I’m absolutely satisfied today looking back to where we were one and a half years ago.”
National coach Monica Theodorescu nodded and was content :”To say something you have to do it like she did! The goal was a good round and that’s what she showed us.” Her vision for the team is clear: “We don’t need to travel to the EC if we don’t want to win.”