Ulla Salzgeber & Herzruf's Erbe

Joy and Anger for Ulla Salzgeber

74,880 Percent was the result of Ulla Salzgeber’s victory with Herzruf’s Erbe in the Grand Prix of Frankfurt. Having a look at the percentage, it comes to mind that there is still much room for improvement. And indeed, there were points for inaccurate flying-changes lost. The rider knows the reason for the inaccurate changes – her own performance: “I am angry with myself. Herzi always had problems with the changes, but recently they  were faultless. It seems I was too sure of myself and did not ride the flying-changes with enough concentration. I did not do a good job of it.”
However, the two-time olympic champion was pleased with her success and happy to be in Frankfurt again. She had not been in the “Gudd Stubb” for some years, but instantly took a liking to the purple look. Still, she uttered one idea for improvement: “I like the purple colour, it looks elegant, but I do not like purple in combination with red Santa Clauses.”
Additionally, Salzgeber has a clear roadmap for her season: After the competition in Frankfurt, she will take part in the World Dressage Masters in Mechelen, then she gets a christmas break and subsequently will compete at the World Cup tournaments in Neumünster and Göteborg.
Does the wish for another championship still exist? “Of course I am trying to get a place in the team once more; however, in case it should not work this is still not the end of the world.” Salzgeber is full of energy and her own carreer works well together with her position as trainer of the Columbian national team. “I have a good team, everything is homogenous, that is why it is so much fun,” Salzgeber explained. In the Grand Prix she won ahead of Swiss Marcela Krinke-Susmelj with Smeyers Molberg (72,320 percent) and Benjamin Werndl with Der Hit (71,540 percent).