Franke Sloothaak

Franke Sloothaak Becomes Sport Director in Braunschweig

The international tournament Löwen Classics in Braunschweig has a new sport director. Franke Sloothaak will become the successor of Hans Günter Winkler. He is supposed to contribute his knowledge together with the head of the tournament, Axel Milkau. Already in 1990, when the tournament started as a national competition, Axel Milkau brought in the celebrity who took part in planning and presenting the concept. These ties were never broken. “I have learned that Franke is as crazy for the sport as Hans Günter Winkler and I am and that he is someone who puts the development philosophy before credit,” Milkau says. “A sport director for the Braunschweig Löwen Classics has to keep us in his heart, therefore Franke Sloothaak was my first choice. The people from Braunschweig are very special and very sensitive in their perception. Only someone who is authentic to the sport and is able to identify with the Löwen Classics will be able stand his ground here,” Milkau emphasizes. Sloothaak, who is very familiar with the competition, will take part in planning the announcement of the competition and will try to bring top-stars of the world ranking to Braunschweig. He is supposed to be the for the riders. ” It is great to be part of this- I am looking forward to it,” Sloothaak says. From March, 19 to March, 22 the double team olympia winner will be present in his new role at the Volkswagenhalle.