German FN sticks to national medication regulations

The national lists of the substances prohibited in the training and at competitions remain binding and will not be adjusted to the international lists of the FEI. This decision was taken unanimously by the advisory committee sports of German association of riders (FN) on September 16th.

Since 2012 the world association FEI has been demanding all 132 member associations to assume the Equine Prohibited Substances List, EPSL) for national shows as well. Except for Germany, France and the USA all national confederations have filled the order of FEI so far. In December 2013 the association of German riders or more precisely the advisory committee sports decided to repeatedly verify its lists of prohibited substances which are summarized in the anti-doping and medication control regulations (ADMR). The basic issue was to decide whether the adjustment of the lists can be advocated. Both the lists of FN as well as the lists of FEI distinguish between doping and prohibited medication. Nevertheless, their systems differ from each other and they partially contain different substances and detection limits.

The member and affiliated associations of the advisory committee sports have been discussing with their vets and expert panels for nine months. Breido Graf zu Rantzau, president of FN, explained: “In today’s conference of the advisory committee sports we have discussed the complex topic list adjustment in detail. We established that veterinary, pharmacologic and legal aspects require further discussions. For this reason we decided not to adjust the national medication regulations to the FEI list for now.”

The advisory committee sports decided to commission a study group to continue verifying the arguments in favour and against the adjustment of the lists.

Source: FN