FN Welcomes Plans for Olympic Games in Hamburg

The German Equestrian Federation (FN) supports the recommendation of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) to propose Hamburg as candidate for hosting the Olympic Games of 2024. President of the FN, Breido Graf zu Rantzau said: “Both Berlin and Hamburg have prepared convincing concepts, but from the equestrian point of view much can be said in favour of Hamburg, which possesses in the Derby Park and Luhmühlen two well-proven venues for show-jumping, dressage and eventing.”
Since 1920, the German showjumping Derby has been taking place in Klein Flottbek. Although the venue would need some changes Hamburg had a good infrastructure, so Graf zu Rantzau emphasized. The same holds true for Luhmühlen 40 km south of Hamburg, which already hosted World Championships and European Championships in eventing.
Weather Hamburg will host the Olympic Games of 2024 will be decided in 2017. For the next step, the DOSB has to confirm the voting of their presidium, then the application will officially be sent to the International Olympic Committee. Hamburg’s strongest competitors are Boston, Rom and Paris. In case of the German application being rejected, the DOSB will re-run the application for the Olympic Games of 2028.