Maurice Tebbel & Don Diarado

Too Many Turbulences for Tebbel

Maurice Tebbel and only 9-year-old stallion Don Diarado by Diarado/Lord Lancer finished the first round of the team competition at the WEG with nine penalty points. He came too close to the triple bar at the finishing line, Tebbel said and then he chose to take six canter strides instead of five just as Laura Klaphake had – but then he had been too far away from the jump point and therefore the second fence was down. “It is annoying,” the third German rider said, shaking his head. “I had a wonderful feeling. I should have come closer in the combination.”
“The turbulences already started at the water oxer,” national coach Otto Becker said. “Before that his rhythm was good. But the course is very difficult and technical.”