„He felt more like being back“

In Wiesbaden Matthias Alexander Rath and Totilas achieved 82.800 percent in their second show after a two year’s abstinence. These are percentages the couple had already achieved, but horse and rider are different now: As a matter of fact, the black stallion has never been seen relaxed under his current rider in such a way. The development is positive and definitely towards the right direction. The piaffes are considerably less circus-like, but have been prepared carefully instead.

The trot continues to be exalted and also unequal in the foreleg. The one- and two-tempi changes are slightly shaky – but the overall performance of both is convincing. „There are some general things we need to work on“ the winner points out. “Nevertheless I am glad and happy that we had a start like that and that we were able to improve from Kapellen onwards. I think he didn’t take the show in Kapellen as a competition. In Wiesbaden he was considerably more energetic and awake. He felt like in former times. Indeed, he felt more like being back.“

Matthias Rath also comments the speculations which had occurred in the past two years. In fact, people thought that Totilas might not return at all. “He had always been alive. We never thought that he would not return. We only didn’t know the exact time.” Isobel Wessels from Britain, head of the judges, was glad about the comeback. “All of us are satisfied. It feels good to have this great horse back. Both have had so many highlights and the image both represent is really marvelous. I had judged the horse together with Edward many times and also occasionally with Matthias. It is great to see which kind of partnership both have built up.”

As the rider from Kronberg has emphasized repeatedly the development in sports is going to be the main focus in future times. “The sport is going to be most important in the next years. For this reason breeding will be less significant in future.” As far as his cooperation with Sjef Janssen from the Netherlands is concerned, he said: “I mostly spend three days a week in the Netherlands. That is to say that my wife often has to dispense with me. Of course, working with Sjef was something new at the beginning. We had to arrange first. However, I can only say that it is much fun and he makes incredible effort.”