Enzo Truppa Has to Answer for Eremo’s Sale

The Italian Equestrian Federation (FISE) has sued Enzo Truppa’s Equestrian Centre Monferrato, the reason given for the lawsuit is a breach of contract. Apparently a contract existed in which Truppa guaranteed to secure Eremo del Castegno, top horse of his daughter Valentina, until the Olympic Games in Rio. The contract was renewed in 2012, and from 2012 to 2015 Truppa received 280,000 Euro for keeping Eremo secured for Italy.
Eremo del Castegno, 15-year-old Rohdiamant son has been sold at the beginning of the year to Brazilian millionaire Dr Jorge Da Roche, who hopes to compete the horse at the Olympic Games in his home country.
Truppa said he was surprised he had been sued since he explained the reasons for the sale to the federation in a large e-mail  exchange. At the same time he said he was sad that the federation preferred to drag him to court instead of rejoicing in the Olympic qualification which his daughter has reached for Italy. Valentina Truppa was able to secure one of the coveted individual qualification slots for Italy.