Sönke Rothenberger & Cosmo

Proud Sönke Rothenberger Keeps Germany Set on Gold

What a performance: Sönke Rothenberger showed on the second day of the Grand Prix in Tryon, which decides the team ranking, in what an extraordinary shape Cosmo is. Despite some slight errors the 11-year-old gelding was as good as he had never been before. It was their first time to get more than 80 percent in an international Grand Prix – 81,444 percent was the end result.  The first rein back and the first piaffe cost them some points – if that had not been the case they would have been far away from their competitors. “I am so proud,” Rothenberger said about the van Gogh son. “He gave everything despite the heat and humidity. That cannot be taken for granted. One notices how the weather has influence on the health. I had a cold yesterday.”
The first two piaffes, so the young rider analysed, could have been more energetic but besides that there was not much to criticise. Rothenberger now is glad that there will be no more rein back over the next days. “He really likes the special. But now it is important for Isabell to keep up with the good performances.”
British Carl Hester, who presented his new horse Hawtins Delicato, a Hanoverian gelding by Diamond Hit strongly currently ranks second with 77,283 percent. US American ider Kasey Perry-Glass and Goerklintgaard’s Dublet by Diamond Hit/Ferro currently are in third place (76,739 percent). The fight for silver will be a tough one between Great Britain and the United States.