Simone Blum & DSP Alice

DSP Alice Gives Everything for her Rider

Today the first round of the Nations Cup at the WEG in Tryon takes place and Simone Blum was the first rider for Germany again. The course, so much could be said about it before Blum’s performance- has extremely difficult tasks and until the first break nobody had a clear round…. except Simone Blum and DSP mare Alice by Askari. The chestnut mare struggled, especially in the triple combination where it was a close call for the pair. “She gave everything to come out of this without mistakes,” the rider from Bavaria said, happy. “She always fights for me.” She said the course was extremely difficult and the fences were very high.
National coach Otto Becker said the same: “The technical challenge is something else, more difficult than yesterday, but it is still a fair course. The last line is important. Simone was great.”