Tumour Diagnosis: Don Androsso Euthanized

The family Birkenholz mourns the loss of Wurttemberger gelding Don Androsso. The 16-year-old horse had to be euthanized due to a tumour on his spinal cord, so eurodressage.com reports. The horse had only been at the equine clinic Sudenhof in Hagen in order to get used to an aquatrainer. Then, however, everything went downhill quickly: the Donnerschlag son lost control over his body and there was nothing the doctors could do for him. Katharina Birkenholz had discovered Don Andross when he was 7 years old, her coach Ludwig Zierer then trained him to Grand Prix level and Birkenholz took over in 2010. They pair won fifth place in the Piaff Förderpreis Finals and they were able achieve good results in various international competitions.