Early Career End for Dirk Schrade’s Hope for the Future

9-year-old Holsteiner gelding Navarino by Necton/Briscar was seen as Dirk Schrade’s great hope for the future. In 2015, they took part in international one and two-star competitions, for this year the first steps into three-star competitions were planned. However, that won’t come to pass. At the end of 2015, the horse contracted an unexpected and fast progressive eye inflammation. First everybody thought that the disease could develop positively, but after a short improvement the inflammation got so aggressive that the whole left eye of the horse had to be removed. “He will not find his way to the big sport,” so Dirk Schrade tells on his home page. “Now we’re looking for a new task for the gelding, where he can still have his fun in eventing. We had very high hopes for him. Even bigger is our disappointment because now he won’t be able to show his full potential.”