Kent Farrington & Uceko

Routined Horses Set the Tone in the “Prize of NRW”

When Kent Farrington came to the press conference after the prize of NRW he asked host of the event Frank Kempermann to schedule him for a place on the press conference platform for the rest of the week. He had just won the main event of the day with KWPN gelding Uceko, earning 25,000 Euro prize money. He won the jump-off ahead of his twelve opponents. “My horse’s strength is that with him I can approach the fences at full speed. And he loves big grass arenas. I’m proud that he is here today at age 16 and having won the competition.” On Sunday in the Grand Prix Farrington will ride Voyeur.
Second place went to German Christian Ahlmann with routined already 17-year-old Taloubet Z. The KWPN stallion and the rider had a bad start into the week when he refused to jump the double ditch in the prize of Europe during a thunderstorm. “It was a lousy start,” Ahlmann said. “He has jumped fences like this 20 or 30 times in all directions, but not this year. But all in all he is in good shape and he looks and feels so much younger than he is”.
Ahlmann’s young colleague Simone Blum and DSP Alice finished in third place. It was the first time in Aachen for last year’s German Champion and she said that her chestnut mare was a bit spooked while in the warm-up area. “But today she enjoyed the award ceremony.” Before Blum had thought that she might not be able to compete in Aachen since her mare had apparently twisted her leg in Rotterdam, where she was lame after the first competition. The pair could not compete in the Nations Cup and Alice was not allowed to trot or gallop for two weeks. “Now she is fit” the rider from Bavaria said.