Ticket prices for Rio 2016

The ticket prices for the 2016 Olympics in Rio have been announced.Half of the tickets should be affordable for everybody, the organizers have said – and that means that these tickets cost less than 70 Brazilian reals (less than 23 Euro). But only the fans of the eventing can enjoy the pleasure of the low price tickets during the cross-country. Here the price lies around 20 Euro. For dressage of eventing you have to pay between 23 and 32 Euro.

For dressage the visitors have to pay on the first days between 23 and 46 Euro, the finals cost between 46 and 99 Euro. The most expensive tickets are for showjumping. Here prices start from 52 to 82 Euro for the first competitions, while you have to pay between 99 and 178 Euro for the finals.

All ticket prices you can find here.