Show Jumping Individual Athletes Ranking Finalized

While the nations have already qualified for the championships, the fight for the individual tickets for Rio has just finished. March, 6 was the deadline. The 15 best ranking athletes from January, 1st to March 6, 2016 are taken into account, the best rider from each group will save not a ticket for him- or herself, but for their nation. Usually, the nation will send this rider to the Olympic Games. Qualified are:
Group A – North-Western Europe: Ireland (Bertrand Allen)
Group B – South-Western Europe: Portugal (Luciana Diniz)
Group C: Central and Eastern Europe: Turkey (Omer Karaevli)
Group F: Africa and Middle East: Marocco )Abdelkebir Quaddar)
Additionally, these as yet not qualified nations with the four best-ranking athletes will also compete in Rio:
Belgium: 2 (Gregory Wathelet and Jerome Guery)
Italy: 1 (Emanuele Gaudiano)
Egypt: 1 (Karim Elzoghby)