The Consequences in the Totilas Case

After Totilas’ withdrawal from Aachen due to a bone oedema in the pastern bone of the left hind leg, DOKR sport manager Dr. Dennis Peiler had announced there would be consequences. After a meeting of the FN committee, now the executive board of the DOKR also held a meeting. The FN press release: Totilas showed irregularities in his movement patterns during his performance in the team competition at the European Championships in Aachen and was withdrawn from the following competitions. Subsequently, he was diagnosed with a bone oedema in the pastern bone of the left hind leg. Following the diagnosis, the stallion was retired from the sport by his owners and his rider Matthias Alexander Rath.
“We already knew at the time of the nomination that the horse was prone to injuries, that was already the case in the previous years. Therefore we would have had to be more sensitive and have an even closer look at his current health status. Looking back this was a mistake,” DOKR manager Dr. Dennis Peiler said.
The DOKR executive board emphasises that every horse that comes into question for a championship nomination has to prove its capability to shoulder this load in several competitioins. All disciplinary committees are cautioned to consistently adhere to this rule in the future. Furthermore, the executive board expressed their confidence in the dressage team management.