Nick Skelton & Big Star

Olympic Winner Injured

He was supposed to be competed in Geneva this weekend, but now the competition will take place without him: Big Star, who won the Olympic Games in Rio under British Nick Skelton, has an injury. The KWPN stallion twisted his leg only slightly, but will have to take a break until January. Nick Skelton said the injury was not severe, but the Quick Star son had to take a six week break. “We are all extremely disappointed that he will not be presented in Geneva and London, but we trust that everyone understands that his welfare is paramount,” so the rider said. Since Big Star can be ridden he might be shown at London Olympia, where he could have his first appearance at home since his victory at the Olympic Games.
For a long time Big Star, one of the best horses in the world, had to take breaks – since 2013 he had been out of the sport for many months due to a┬átendon injury. Now the hopes for a speedy recovery are set high.