Kentucky Horse Park Wants 2022 WEG

Thrown into the discussion as an alternative host for the 2018 World Equestrian Games that were called off in Bromont the Kentucky Horse Park said that they wanted to plan the WEG thoroughly and with enough time left. Now Kentucky has officially voiced their interest to host the 2022 WEG. The FEI informed the state and the US federation that they would release a shortlist with the possible hosts in December. Tandy Patrick from the Kentucky Horse Park explained that they hoped to be part of that shortlist. Rolex’ sponsorship then was the next question that had to be clarified if Kentucky was accepted. In 2010 the Kentucky Horse Park concluded a contract with the watch manufacturer; in exchange for the name rights of the $25m arena Rolex pays $1,2 m dollar a year to the Kentucky Horse Park. The contract runs for 10 years and will terminate in 2019.

Currently the FEI championships are named after Rolex’ competitor Longines. In 2013 the FEI concluded a contract with their new top sponsor – also for 10 years. The contract is worth an estimated $130m.