Danielle Heijkoop Has to Pass Las Vegas

Dutch Danielle Heijkoop had looked forward to the World Cup Finals at Las Vegas. Now, however, she cannot travel to the US, her horse Siro N.O.P. has a fractured splint bone. The pair had already been preparing for Las Vegas and the horse was in top shape, so the rider told. Last Saturday, Siro was a little jolly while he was walking in hand and the next morning he had a bulge on his leg. The horse was trained a little bit afterwards and he felt ok, but an x-ray was taken, just to make sure. The x-ray showed a broken splint bone. “It’s a pity,” the rider said. “Last year we had a small injury right before the World Championship and therefore could not go to Normandy. Fortunately this injury heals quite fast. Now we focus on the European Championships. I will remain optimistic.”