Thrilling finale in WDM Freestyle as Danielle Heijkoop takes first place

Favorites for victory Adelinde Cornelissen and Patrik Kittel were directed to second and third place by Holland’s Daniëlle Heijkoop and Siro NOP (Nederlands Olympiade Paard/Dutch Olympic Horse Foundation). The pair performed a smooth and strong freestyle with music that perfectly fitted the horse’s movements. The horse has a powerful piaffe and passage and showed good pirouettes and transitions. They had a little mistake in the 1 tempi, but the rider solved it in a brilliant and professional way.
Their freestyle was awarded with 83.000 per cent, a personal record. “Yesterday I made a few mistakes and I hoped it would be better today, and it did!” Said Danielle Heijkoop.

Second place went to Holland’s Adelinde Cornelissen and Jerich Parzival NOP, who was “still a bit spooky”, as Adelinde Cornelissen stated afterwards. Their freestyle had a very high difficulty degree and the passage, piaffe and pirouettes were very good.

Sweden’s Patrik Kittel finished third with his stallion Watermill Scandic HBC. They performed a beautiful, balanced and controlled freestyle and the horse’s piaffe and passage are perfect. Unfortunately they had a mistake in the double pirouette at the end of the freestyle which proved costly. “He saw something in the corner. He once got really frightened at a stallion show and since then he does not like prizegiving ceremonies. Maybe I should not have done the prizegiving with him yesterday to keep him relaxed.” Explained Patrik Kittel. They received 77.600 per cent from the judges.

Germany’s multiple championship medallist Nadine Capellmann finished in fourth place with Girasol 7 with a score of 77.725 per cent, followed by Sweden’s Jeanna Hogberg and Darcia VH with 76.025 per cent.

The WDM Mechelen marked the end of the presenting partnership of the Axel Johnson Group and the presentation of its successor VIAN Group.

Source: WDM