D’Agostino is the first to go

Again there could be a discussion – and there is already one – wether it would be better to put the world’s first nations in dressage into a second group in a championship. For the visitors perhaps this would be more attrative, but isn’t it fairer to draw in one group as now? No matter how, the German Fabienne Lütkemeier will be unconcerned about that when she is riding in the competiton at 8.00 a.m. as first to go. Kristina Sprehe will be the second German to go in with Desperados at 11.37. And who should we also pay attention to regarding the medals? The Dutch, of course – although they cannot ride with their strongest team –  the Brits also – although with Valegro they have only one outstanding horse at the moment – Denmark, Sweden and also the USA.