Adelinde Cornelissen & Parzival

Cornelissen’s Parzival to Come Back

On November 27th and 28th, the international World Cup event in Sweden takes place and 18-year-old KWPN gelding Jerich Parzival could attend. At least Dutch dressage rider Adelinde Cornelissen has planned his comeback for Stockholm. Her memories of the event were good, she told Tidningen Ridsport. “Therefore I want to bring Parzival to the new arena there. It’s exciting, but he is great, so I’m confident,” so Cornelissen said. This year the pair was not able to achieve the same good results as in previous years. At the CHIO Rotterdam they only achieved 74 percent, so Bondscoach Wim Ernes decided that they would not compete in Aachen and also not compete at any other championship any more.