Adelinde Cornelissen & Parzival

Parzival to be Retired in 2016

After Adelinde Cornelissen withdrew Parzival from the Dutch Championship, chef d’équipe Wim Ernes decided that the pair will not be longer part of the team, and will also not be allowed to rejoin in the future. Ernes had already made his decision after the pair’s early withdrawal at the CHIO Roterdam and also had informed the rider about it.
Cornelissen said to Hoefslag, that this decision surprised her: “On the other hand it’s his decision, he names the team members. Of course I’d have liked it to be different. My goal was to compete at the European Championships.”
Since the Dutch rider had already been informed about Ernes decision ahead of the national championship, the motivation to compete there was different than usual. “I still wanted to compete,” the amazone said. However, shortly before the championship, Parzival twisted his leg. It was nothing serious, but the main reason for the withdrawal.
The future of the pair is not yet certain. Adelinde Cornelissen has not planned anything, but still wants to ride Parzival as long as he is fit and enjoys to be competed – and as long as she still has the feeling that they are competing successfully. A comeback in the winter season seems to be possible.
Cornelissen also thinks about a retirement ceremony for the 18-year-old KWPN gelding. “It will certainly take place in 2016, but I don’t know yet exactly when and were.”