Conor Swail Arrested for Domestic Violence

According to the Palm Beach Post, Irish show-jumper Conor Swail was arrested due to an incident on friday. Last night he was released after paying a $7,000 fine. He was given the punishment for domestic violence and violence against a policeman. According to the report Swail and a woman were out drinking in the early evening. When they went to his house the situation escalated, so the report states. Swail held down the woman against her will – she scratched him in order to get away. Then the Irish apparently pressed her hand against her neck in oder to keep her from getting up and struck her on the head. When he desisted she called the police. When the police came and told Swail to leave the house, so the report states, he was standing in the door with clenched fists, breathing heavily. When he put one of his hands into his pocket he refused to take the hand out when asked by the officer. According to the report then the officer took his hand and Swail hit the officer in the chest. Then the officer repeatedly struck Swail and finally arrested him.